Company Profile

In 1990, Shanxi Pingyao Yonghua Casting Co., Ltd. set sail on the banks of the Fen River in the ancient city of Pingyao, covering an area of 200 mu. It is dedicated to the production, processing, mold opening and related casting services of electric motor castings. It owns Dingfengwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Longxingyuan Casting Co., Ltd. and Wenruoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and currently has six casting processes of lost foam, cold shot core, vertical line, horizontal line, horizontal line, with modern casting production base, advanced casting and machining workshop, it is an innovative casting enterprise known for its strength.

In order to cope with the fierce market competition, Yonghua Foundry understands the development of the industry from a forward-looking perspective, introduces advanced operating concepts through resource integration, and establishes a scientific and standardized management system; builds a technical team with advanced technology and rich experience to enhance The core competitiveness of the enterprise; the purchase of various advanced production equipment enables the enterprise to have a strong production capacity with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons and a machining capacity of 20000 tons.

In the course of the development of the enabling industry, Yonghua Casting adopts two lost foam models, one resin sand, three vertical lines, one static pressure line, two horizontal lines and other production processes to deeply cultivate technological innovations, and is equipped with advanced inspection equipment such as direct spectrum spectrometer, microcomputer high-speed analyzer, furnace analyzer, metallographic analyzer, tensile testing machine, hardness machine and so on to enhance its technical strength. Successively passed GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification and GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification, so that the technical strength of enterprises continue to be at the forefront of the industry.

In order to meet the diversified needs of the market and customers, Yonghua Casting Y280-400 complete set; YE3, YE4 series complete set; resin sand low pressure Y3355-450 complete set, high pressure YJK355-560; Explosion-proof YB2, YB3 complete set; YG, YGP roller table; Various types of casting products such as auto parts, engine cylinder blocks, gears, flywheel housings, reducer housings, etc. are exported to many countries and regions in East Asia on the basis of sales in 16 municipalities directly under the central government and provinces in China, winning praise and praise from customers. The enterprise has successively won honors and ratings such as excellent suppliers and innovative small and enterprises.

Long-lasting and sincere. From full glory to opening up the future, Yonghua Casting has never stopped going beyond itself. Yonghua people who seize the day will create higher value for customer enterprises, contribute more to the development of the casting industry, and join hands with all sectors of society to create a better future......